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The Best Price Guarantee

Our approach is to offer you the most competitive prices on colloidal silver but also on the rest of our range of colloidal production. Do not hesitate to contact us to study together a better proposal.

Whether you have recently discovered the benefits of colloidal silver or a long-time user, more and more people are looking for the best prices, and it is our commitment to offer them to you.

Above all, know that selling colloidal silver online requires constant attention in order to display the best prices. Many criteria are to be taken into account, all solutions of colloidal silver are not equal.

You must be vigilant about certain quality criteria.

What we offer:

  • All our colloidal solutions are packaged in glass bottles because the plastic reacts with the particles carrying an electric charge which eventually precipitate.

  • Our entire colloidal range is free of preservatives, the composition for each mineral is extremely simple:
    Ultra-pure Type 1 + Mineral water (silver, gold, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc or platinum)

  • Ultra pure water type 1 (the highest level of purity possible)

  • A method of production by plasma arc to obtain finer particles than the conventional ionic system. This process makes it possible to improve the stability and the conservation which can claim 10 years instead of 2 years without loss of efficiency.

What are the conditions of application of the refund offer ?

The price of the product corresponds to the public price including VAT displayed on the product sheet of the competitor site. This price excludes any special promotional offer (discount code, gift certificate, private sale, promotion, sales or other).

What is the procedure for reporting a price difference ?

If you find colloidal money cheaper elsewhere meeting all the conditions mentioned above, your request must be resumed within 48 hours of your purchase, for this:

1. Go to the article page of the product concerned of our site and copy the URL

2. Go to the article page of the product concerned of the competitor site, the url address entered must correspond to the detailed sheet, copy the URL.

3. Go to our contact page and select Customer Service in Object.

4. Write in Header of your message Reporting Best Price

5. Paste the 2 URLs of the products concerned.

What are the repayment terms ?

If all of the above conditions are met, Oligocare will reimburse you the amount of the price difference in purchase vouchers valid for one year on, valid on your next order.