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Production of colloidal silver with OligoGen Auto


OligoGen Auto

Make your colloidal silver safe.

Water purity analyzer.

Setting the concentration from 5 to 20 ppm.

Automatic shutdown.

Dynamic polarity inversion system.

Built-in magnetic stirrer.

The guarantee of an always efficient and crystalline production.

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A simple and safe way to achieve real savings.

Automatic constant current colloidal silver generator with integrated magnetic stirrer.

In order to guarantee a colloidal silver solution of exceptional quality, the device is equipped with:

Stirring system to prevent agglomeration effects of particles.

Potentiometer adjustment for a total control of the concentration, production possible from 5 to 20 ppm.

Electronic intelligence to continuously analyze the evolution of the concentration during the production process to adapt a constant current.

Since the power delivered across the electrodes is electronically controlled, it is guaranteed to produce uniform silver particles with a size range of 1 to 5 nm (nanometer).

In the end, you will obtain a production of colloidal silver solution that is always colorless and crystalline, a sign of exceptional quality.

Automatic generator shutdown system when the setting is reached.

The pack includes:

The generator OligoGen PRO
+ 1 Erlenmeyer (flask)
+ 1 Rubber stopper (electrode holder)
+ 1 Agitator (magnetic bar)
+ 1 Pair of pure silver electrodes at .9999% of 12 gauge x 6,30 in
+ Instructions for use

Height 1.97 in
Width 5.90 in
Depth 7 in
Weight 1.27 lb
Power supply 220 V and 110 V
The pack includes The generator + 1 Erlenmeyer (flask) + 1 Agitator (magnetic bar) + 1 Pair of pure silver electrodes at .9999% of 12 gauge x 6,30 in + Instructions for use

manufacturing a lot of colloidal silver

Description of a manufacturing process of a batch of colloidal silver with the automatic generator OligoGen

  1. Tilt the Erlenmeyer flask 45 degrees to insert the magnetic bar.

  2. Fill your container with distilled water (if you mistakenly put in tap water or something else, the manufacturing process does not start and goes off).

  3. Place the electrode holder on the container.

  4. Select the adjustable concentration from 5 to 20 ppm

  5. Connect the appliance to the mains, the switch to ON, the appliance starts its production process, constantly analyzes the water, the generator turns off automatically when the setting is reached.

  6. At this stage, you only have to let the colloidal silver settle in another container for a few hours, then you store your solution in a glass bottle that must be tinted amber or cobalt blue.

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Ormus Salt of the Dead Sea

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Antistatic bag type ESD.

16 oz glass bottle.

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