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Terms of the sponsorship program

How to sponsor?

To sponsor one or more of your friends, simply use the "Referral Program" invitation form of your Oligocare personal account by specifying the email addresses of your friends.

You can sponsor as many referrals as you wish.

You must have an account on our site.

Your godchild registers your email address (the address you used when registering on during his first order.

You receive 5 euros to the 1st order of your godchild, we send you an email to inform you.

The gains made are recorded in purchase vouchers valid for one year on, valid on your next order.

You can consult the list of your referrals in the menu: My account> my sponsored friends

Article 1

The sponsorship operation is reserved for all major natural persons who have made at least one private online purchase on the website wishing to participate in this operation. The customer can, in his capacity as owner and manager of the e-mail addresses of his FILLEULS, provide Oligocare with these addresses so that Oligocare sends on behalf of the customer an invitation email to the godchildren encouraging them to register to the site and place their first order. The customer takes the responsibility to provide the e-mail address of his relatives and agrees to have obtained the prior, explicit and informed consent of his family. Oligocare only acts on the will and in the name of the customer acting as a technical intermediary sending a message from the customer for his godson. As a result, the customer releases Oligocare from any liability due to e-mails from relatives that it provides to Oligocare and the fact of sending his invitation email to his godchildren.

Article 2: Terms

To participate, the customer must transfer to the persons of his choice his email address of sponsor (the e-mail address registered in his account Oligocare customer). By Godfather, we mean any Oligocare customer who has managed to bring at least one godchild. Any customer who registers on the website by registering the email address of a Sponsor client in the sponsorship field provided for this purpose, will be considered to be FILLEUL of this client, provided that they fulfill the conditions of this regulation. To launch the sponsorship program, the godchild will have to enter the email of his godfather in the field provided for this purpose when registering his contact information (creation of a customer account essential for ordering on the Oligocare website. com). Oligocare retains the right to validate or not any sponsorship.

Article 3: Rewards

To obtain a voucher, the godfather and godson will have to fulfill the following conditions:

3a. Godfather.

The sponsor will have the opportunity to access a voucher of 5 € TTC (five euros) when one of his godchildren has validated his first order and the creation of his account. The godfather will receive the notification of availability of his voucher by email and will be able to consult it in the section My vouchers of his customer account once the first of his godson will be treated and validated by the services Oligocare, during the one of his next orders.

3b. Godson.

On the occasion of the creation of his customer account, any godchild will be able to benefit from a voucher of 5 € TTC (five euros) which he will be able to use during one of his orders, after obtaining this voucher. The godchild will receive the notification of the availability of his voucher by email and will be able to consult it in the section My coupons of his customer account. In any case, the coupon can not be converted into currency or be the subject of a refund request once the order has been placed. Coupons are not valid at our dealers.

Article 4: Acquisition of coupons

Only one godson can be appointed within the same household (same name, same address). The godson must have a billing address and a delivery address different from those of other godchildren of the same godfather. The first command of the Godson will be the only command taken into account for the attribution of the reward of the godfather. The godson must use his own means of payment (The godson can not use the same payment information as his sponsor, in this case, the sponsorship will not be validated). The sponsorship only works in a private setting. Referrals must be acquaintances or relatives of their sponsor. It is forbidden for the godfather to sponsor himself by creating two different client accounts. It will exclude deliveries to third parties and artificial orders intended to inflate the number of referrals. With each first validated order from a new godson customer, the godfather will receive an automatic email of information from Oligocare.

The voucher is acquired by the sponsor when the following conditions are met:

The godchild has never bought before on

The godchild has not already been sponsored by another person.

The godson placed an order on our site and specified the email address of his godfather when ordering.

No product of the godson's order has been returned.

Oligocare reserves the right to verify the regularity of the information provided by the participants. Sponsors and godchildren allow all checks concerning the validity of their sponsorship. If after verification, doubtful elements persist, the validation of the sponsorship may be refused. Any false declaration will automatically result in the cancellation of the participation.

Article 5: Claims.

No claim, no recourse relating to these rewards or their attribution can not be addressed to Oligocare.

Article 6

Oligocare reserves the right to shorten, renew, modify or even cancel the sponsorship operation in the event of special circumstances; his responsibility can not be called into question for any reason whatsoever. We can not be held liable to you or to third parties for any modification, suspension or interruption of this Program.

Article 7

Participation in the sponsorship operation implies full acceptance of these rules.

Article 8

The settlement of this operation can be consulted in its entirety during the duration of the operation on the page reserved for godchildren and sponsors of the site

Article 9

In accordance with the law Informatique et Libertés of 06/01/78, the participants have a right of access and rectification of their personal data. The e-mail addresses provided as part of the sending of your message of sponsorship will not be preserved, nor transmitted to thirds. Your referrals will not receive any email from us if they have not requested it.