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Warning concerning the European regulation N ° 1170/2009

Since January 1, 2010, according to European regulation No 1170/2009, silver and gold are no longer included in the list of micronutrients authorized for consumption.

We remind our customers that the products we market are products of form and well-being and can in no way be considered as drugs in their composition, or in their form and presentation. They are all natural. Our colloidal preparations are high-end and experimental professional nano-colloidal solutions and are for use only as physical and chemical experiment, laboratory work, antiseptic and technical agents (surface cleaning and disinfection), plant treatment (for experimental and personal use only) or any other use among the long list of possibilities offered by nanoparticles.

Colloidal silver is a form of mineral intake that has been accepted as a derogation in food supplements, pending its evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). However, due to lack of sufficient data, EFSA was unable to comment. This form of contribution has therefore not been included in the annexes to Regulation (EC) No 1170/2009. To comply with the legislation concerning food supplements, Oligocare France markets its colloidal silver as a cosmetic product although its composition has not changed since this measure.

The virtues of colloidal silver have been known since antiquity. Kings used it as a dietary supplement; they ate in silver cutlery and thus ingested particles. In the 1940-1950s, before the chemical pharmaceutical industry, colloidal silver was considered a natural antibiotic. It was used to destroy viruses, bacteria, fungal infections and fungi. Colloidal silver was prescribed to treat colds, tonsillitis, flu, gastro, etc.

Today, money is still used by the medical profession. Indeed, some hospitals apply silver dressings, whose disinfectant and healing properties, soothe the wounds of the major burns. In some countries, colloidal silver is about to be recognized as a medicine.

Also know that colloidal gold and silver have been clinically tested successfully in the US. According to the very strict Food and Drug Administration (FDA), colloidal silver can be marketed and used to fight micro-organisms. Millions of people around the world treat themselves with gold and colloidal silver and show the benefits of these products.