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Pointeur laser 2 en 1

2 in 1 laser pointer

2 in 1 laser pointer.

Torch and laser pointer functions.

Black color is not contractual and may vary depending on inventory.

6 colors available, you can specify a preference. The selected color will be provided if available.

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Produces a red light beam. Handle with care (Never point towards the eyes). The laser pointer is a very useful instrument for controlling your colloidal productions.

The laser directed laterally to cross your container hits the particles in the water, the resulting red beam is called the Tyndall effect.

An intense Tyndall effect indicates large particles. Our sophisticated colloidal silver generators guarantee you a low Tyndall effect.

Power supply: 3 button cells (included).

Longueur 56 mm
Diameter 10 mm

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Certified 99.99% pure magnesium electrodes

1 Pair of magnesium electrodes certified 99.99% pure.

That is 9 Gauge x 6,29 in

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