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Cuivre colloïdal


Colloidal copper 15 ppm - 16oz

Colloidal copper 15 ppm - 16oz.

Plasma arc technology.

Ultra pure Type 1 water.

16 oz glass bottle.

Measuring cup.

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We offer 99.99 +% of pure copper in the form of colloidal nanoparticles in organic suspension available and ultrapure water prepared by high voltage arc. This plasma preparation technique guarantees a colloidal solution composed of particles of nanometric size.

Copper is a trace element essential to the body, it has an anti-infectious activity for winter infections (particularly influenza and complications) and remarkable anti-inflammatory with regard to articular or rheumatic pains.

It significantly strengthens the body's defense thanks to its antiseptic action against infectious outbreaks and revives the biological activity of vitamin C and adrenal.

Copper promotes the development of antibodies, resistance to infections and inhibition of certain viruses. A copper deficiency begins with the graying of the hair and the appearance of wrinkles.

Here is a partial list of cases where copper is recommended:

Infectious diseases with viruses especially the flu and its complications.

Acute microbial infectious diseases.

Inflammatory diseases.

Chronic progressive arthritis.

Acute and infectious rheumatic fever.

Ankylosing spondylitis.

Lipoid nephrosis.

Bone tuberculosis.

Pigmentation disorders of the skin (vitiligo).


10 ml of this sublingual solution will be enough to meet the needs of an adult in Copper.


Colloidal copper is more effective than synthetic copper in the form of tablets because the nanometer-sized particles of the colloidal solution penetrate directly into the bloodstream. Copper is recommended in the following cases:

Prevention of cerebrovascular accidents.

Prevention of aneurysm.

Inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

Accelerates the oxidation of vitamin C.

Prevention of sterility.

Increases the production of elastin and the formation of collagen.

Prevention of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Prevention of premature whitening of hair.

Chronic diarrhea.

Inflammatory states (disables histamine).

Remedy infectious and viral conditions.

Asthenia, anorexia, anemia: contributes to the absorption and mobilization of iron, the formation of hemoglobin and the multiplication of red blood cells.

Play a role in finesse and loss of taste.

Indispensable to the balance of the nervous system.

Benign prostatic disorders.

Antidote of cadmium.

Associations advised for more efficiency

Copper associated with silver complement and reinforce each other, perfect in cases of flu complications for example. Copper is often associated with the formula: Copper - Gold - Silver.

This formula Copper-Gold-Silver is a true colloid antibiotic whose anti-infectious power is doubled with that of considerably strengthening the self-defense of the body.

This combination Copper-Gold-Silver can be used as a curative but also preventive in case of epidemics. The copper-gold-silver complex also has a cortico-stimulating action.

From a functional point of view, here is a partial list of possible treatments:

All depressive states.

Loss of general and intellectual vitality.


Overwork with melancholy.

Morbid Obsessions, Suicide Ideas.

Premature senescence.


Global fatigue.

Dermie sclerosis.

All adrenal dysfunctions.

The following information is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of your therapist. In case of doubt, consultation with your doctor is recommended.

Volume 16 fl oz
Purity of water Ultra pure type 1
Concentration 15 ppm
Bottle glass
Manufacturing process plasma arc
Measuring cup included

Do not drink from the bottle.

To be consumed within 2 months after opening.

Can not substitute for a balanced diet and respect doses.

The recommended daily intake in adults is estimated at 1.5 to 5 mg of copper per day of supplementation.

The excessive consumption of copper can cause intoxication, in case of overload and / copper poisoning its antidote is zinc.

The following information is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of your therapist. In case of doubt, consultation with your doctor is recommended.

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